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Industrial activities

For more than 20 years now, DEFI - Houillères de Cruéjouls has been working for the building and public works industry.
The colorimetry laboratory specialises in the colouring of architectural concrete and heavy and light prefabricated pieces, developing the colours required using appropriate pigments.

DEFI - Houillères de Cruéjouls packages its products according to the manufacturer's production tool, from the friable 50g bag to the 1 tonne “bigbag”!
DEFI - Houillères de Cruéjouls has the solution in powder or liquid form (slurry) for colouring your concrete, mortars, fine gravel, asphalts, etc.

A team of highly-experienced sales technicians are on hand to help you achieve your project, bringing you the most efficient solutions to your problems. They work on the ground and are close to the day-to-day concerns of users. Don't hesitate to contact them.

Thanks to its production tools and capacities, DEFI - Houillères de Cruéjouls is able to produce premixes, plasters and mortars for specific requests. One of the long-standing specialities of DEFI - Houillères de Cruéjouls is the grinding of earth and ores into particles as small as 40 microns, for quantities ranging between 50 and 500 tonnes.

DEFI - Houillères de Cruéjouls
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